I love making my costumes and always try to do something original, and this year my boyfriend and I looked back to our childhood for this one.  I came across the board game Guess Who and remembered all the characters and how I used to play it for hours…”does your person have a hat”, does your person have red hair, etc.  So we decided that we would be life size Guess Who cards with some of our favorite characters, Alfred and Maria.  I used poster board, my trusty hot glue gun, glitter, construction paper, and got busy.   I punctured the poster board on each side to string rope through to create arm holes so the posters would rest where our heads fit right in the middle of the playing card, and we were able to wear them all night.  Also, we dressed ourselves up just like the characters in the cards as well, and people definitely recognized us!

We went to a huge Halloween party called Terror at the Train Station downtown, and honestly I wasn’t sure if people would “get” our costume, but right off the bat people were like wow that’s awesome and we kept getting compliments on the creativity all night.   People were even asking to take pictures with us!  I felt like quite the celebrity and it has definitely been my favorite costume that I have made.  Hope you like it as well!