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Coolest Homemade Monopoly Game Costume

Our whole family went camping the weekend before Halloween and we were a themed family. Boardgames.
Here is my Monopoly Game Costume. First I drew everything on a plain white poster board, then used packing tape to tape it to a large piece of cardboard and cut off the extra and left about an inch on all sides. I taped from end to end all the way down to ensure it would be waterproof. I used paint pens to actually draw on the poster board. I then used a few pieces of money, 2 chance cards, 2 community chest cards and a couple deed cards and taped them ontop of the tape for easy removal to the corners of the board as if 2 people were playing. Then with a hot glue gun on low, I glued a few pieces around the board as well. They too are easy to remove without damage.

For my Vegas style hat, I used a smaller piece of poster board and a smaller piece of cardboard. I then drew a smaller version of the same board. I made two slits in the middle with about an inch in between so I could lace a long piece of ribbon through to tie around my head. I fold one corner up then taped from end to end, including the poster board that hangs over to waterproof it. I glued a few game pieces on then taped money, deed cards and chance/community chest cards along the top of the hat for easy removal.

All in all, it took about 4 days, mainly because I’m a perfectionist.

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