Who doesn’t love old school wrestling characters!? This year Macho Man had to be done. Went to a fabric store and was lucky to find the most perfect, in your face purple fabric, one side was full of sequence.

Also purchased silver fabric for the letters and stars that are located on the robe. Measured out the fabric to make sure it was long enough and wide enough. It needed to hit the floor and cover my arms. My aunt was kind enough to sew the two purple pieces of fabric together and put on each letter and each star.

Found cheap shapes, ribbon from Michaels craft for the head band. Bought the wrestling boots and knee pads from ebay and the wrestling belt was found in the toy section of Target. Just wore boxers that I spray painted stars onto. You must tape your hands just like the wrestlers do. A slight spray tan was done at home the night before. I made sure to keep growing my hair out and and my beard leading up to Halloween.

Everyone went nuts, they said this was by far farther best costume if the night! DIG IT.