Great Muppets Honeydew Bunsen and Beaker Couple Costume

My friend and I randomly decided to do this Great Muppets Honeydew Bunsen and Beaker Couple Costume one year for Halloween. We wanted something funny, unique, and a little complicated.

Professor Bunsen and Beaker both used lab coats from a medical supply store. Bunsen’s head was made out of paper mache wrapped around a beach ball. The ball was then popped and a cardboard ring was put inside for the head rest. The nose was made of modeling clay and the glasses of plastic. A hole was cut for the mouth and black mesh was inserted so you could see out of the mouth. Gardening gloves were spray painted to match the head.

Beaker’s head was made out of a Sonotube (a tube used for pouring cement into) found at Lowes. I wrapped pink felt around it and glued a colander on top. I then glued a red boa on top of that for hair. I grabbed some foam balls for eyes and a foam egg for the nose from a craft store. I screwed them onto the Sonotube. I cut the mouth piece off and glued it back on so I could see thorough the mouth. I added a card board ring inside the tube so it could rest on my head. Finally I went to Goodwill and got a tie and a shirt. I made a Dickie out of the shirt and permanently attached it to the head.

This costume got a lot of laughs!

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  1. Don’t forget about the fake IDs that you made so you didn’t have to take your masks off at the bar!  They were hilarious!


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