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Coolest Homemade Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Couple Costume

When we started with the idea for Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Couple Costume, we wanted something that was different but also a throw back from our childhood. I had an idea as to how to do Beaker. Bunsen on the other hand was a little more complex to put together for his head.

We started with pictures from the internet of what the actual characters look like. For Beaker, we started with a roll of ¼ inch foam that we measured around my boyfriend’s head, who was wearing the costume. We gave it about ½ inch extra for breathing room. Next we used spray glue to glue on the fleshy colored fabric because the foam was green. Then we used a piece of cardboard around the head to make a topper to hold the hair in.

We hot glued the orange hair, which was in expensive wig from a costume shop and then hot glued the back seam of the foam together to make a cylinder. We then cut out a moon shape for the mouth and glued black felt on the inside of the mouth. We also glued a red see through fabric on the inside of the head so you could see through, without seeing your face. We then glued on large googly eyes onto the round Styrofoam eyeballs and glued them onto the head. Then we used orange felt and sewed together a round shape nose and stuffed it with stuffing. To keep the head on, we sewed bra straps on the head like football straps to keep the head steady because it was a little wobbly since it was heavier because of the hair.

For Dr.Bunsen, we used the ready made rolls of plaster and put this on a blow up punch ball that you can get in any toy section of a store. Once the plaster dries, you pop the balloon so it deflates. Then we sanded it down a little to keep it smooth. Using an extra-large stretchy shirt that we bought in the store, we stretched the green fabric over the head. We stitched on some ears and added a chin and a nose. The glasses we cut from ¼ balsa wood and painted black because there were no glasses that we could find that were big enough to fit Bunsen’s head. On the inside of his head, we stuffed it with some foam, so that it was soft inside & didn’t wobble.

The mouth was cut using an exacto-knife and a screen was placed in the front where the mouth is.
Then we went to a scrubs store and got doctors lab coats and a thrift store for two large shirts and ties.

The total cost of both costumes was about $150 together and was definitely worth it.
It was a great costume to wear and peoples reactions were priceless.

Homemade Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Couple Costume

Homemade Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Couple Costume

Homemade Beaker and Doctor Bunsen Couple Costume

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