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Great Couples DIY Roller Coaster Ride Costume

Relationships can often have their ups and downs just like your favorite roller coaster.  This being said, my boyfriend and I recently moved in together after dating for several years. I felt this was an appropriate time for our first couples costume!.  With budgets being tight right now, rather than spending $60 on a “sexy” costume five other girls at the same bar would be wearing, I decided to go for the funny, home-made look this year…and boy did it work!

We began our Roller Coaster Ride costume with two cardboard boxes that we cut, taped and glued together to create the shape of a roller coaster cart.  We used three different colors of spray paint to make the illusion of a seat and hanging foot rest off the cart.  After this and a few burns later, we had hot glued on ribbon strung with pool noodles to resemble the pull down bars to secure us in for our wild ride.  The last step was to use some old jeans and footwear which we stuffed with newspaper.

We secured these on to the footrests and propped them up to become our new sitting legs for the night.  Although we were limited on mobility, and had some extra weight on our shoulders, the reaction we got from friends and strangers when we “performed” our roller coaster ride was well worth all the work. As we chugged our way up hill to finally come to the top of the big drop our audience screamed right along with us as we were thrusted from side to side.

All night long strangers came up to us asking to take pictures, laughing hysterically, and we had even had one girl who needed to feel our fake legs just to understand it all.  A relationship is something that takes hard work, has it’s ups and downs, but at the end is all worth the thrill of it…so hey, why not make a costume that reflect this!

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