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Coolest Homemade Roller Coaster Costume

My friend and I both are big fans of amusement parks and, on our trip to Cedar Point in August, we decided that, for Halloween, we wanted to recreate a roller coaster cart and have ourselves being the passengers riding it!

For this Roller Coaster costume we used:
– a large box
– Bungee cords
– Pool fun noodle
– Old pair of jeans and shoes
– Lots of duck tape
– Balloons
– 2 old broom handles
– Spray paint
– Lots of hair spray

We started by getting a big box and we cut it so there was a hole in the bottom and made a foot board by almost cutting a side off. After that, we attached a bar across the box and attached the bungee cords to the bar and put the fun noodle on the bungee cords.

We then got an old pair of jeans and stuffed then with balloons to make fake legs. We duck-taped them to the foot board and then attached the shoes to the pants and foot piece. We also put another bar by the feet and attached a bungee cord between the 2 bars to keep the feet upright. We then painted it and detailed it by writing ‘The Roller Ghoster’ on the back and drawing ghosts on it.

After the coaster was completed, we made T-shirts that had ‘Cedar Point 2009’ on them. We also ratted our hair to make it look all wild from the crazy roller coaster ride!! The hardest part of the costume was getting the feet to stay up, making sure the box wasn’t being ripped to pieces when we moved in it (which it ended up doing a bit even though we reinforced it with TONS of duck tape), getting our hair to stick straight back (which ended up not working so we just ratted it instead), and keeping the shoes connected to the pants! I would highly recommend this costume! We got compliments from EVERYBODY!

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