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Cool Homemade Roller Coaster Costume

My 9 year old son decided he wanted to be a geek freaking out on a roller coaster for Halloween this year, so onto the planning we went to make our Homemade Roller Coaster Costume. We took an old pool float chair to use for the base and then a old cardboard box cut to fit over it. We used gorilla glue to hold it together so that when he walked it would be sturdy. Spray painted the outside with some silver spray paint added a scary sticker to each side.

On the back we made a sign that said SCREAM COASTER in blood dripping letters. On the bottom of the chair we put a old black skirt to cover the webbing, and a car seat cover to cover the webbing on top. We stuffed an old pair of jeans with Walmart bags and then had some crocs stuck on feet, Halloween props to hold the feet in place. The fake jeans were hooked to my son’s jeans with those little kids mitten holders that hook to the mittens and then the coat. We had an old wig that we spiked up to give the affect of being wind blown.

We used an old pool noodle cut in half for the roller coaster safety harness hooked onto the chair with some zip ties. An old 2inch curtain rod painted black for the safety crossbar. He had the geek glasses already. He won two contests with this everyone was trying to figure out how he carrying it, but with the webbing and the metal bar that went across the chair it held right in place and was easy to move in.

He had some fake puke on his lap and would put his hands up in the air and scream and then act like he was loosing his lunch.

Total time to make about 3 hours. Cost $2 for the stickers!

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