Goldilocks Gone Bad and her “Papa Bear” Couple Costume

This Goldilocks Gone Bad and her “Papa Bear” Couple Costume was just something fun my husband and I threw together for a Halloween party we had at our apartment one year.  It is supposed to be an adult themed Goldilocks  and her “papa bear”.

Goldilocks was pretty easy to do, I just had to throw my hair in some pigtails, find a yellow dress, and put some makeup on.  For my husband, he had an old pair of brown work pants  and a brown t-shirt.  We put the words “papa bear” on his t-shirts so it made more sense to others.  I made him little bear ears, and bear hands.  We bought some big brown bear feet slippers too.  I just used a little bit of eyeliner to put a nose on him as well.

I think people liked it, and thought it was creative, but they were also taken back by the maturity of it as well, haha.  None the less we enjoyed ourselves and had a great time putting it together.

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