I have to give the credit to my wife for the idea of the Geico Money Man costume.  However, when it came time for the actual creation of the costume that is where I took over.  We have always enjoyed the fact that we create our own costumes every year.  My wife used play money that she bought in the store, but it is white.  I knew that I was going to have to print out my own realistic play money so it would look authentic, like the commercial.  I lucked out coming across the website www.had2know.com that offers play money in 1’s 2’s 5’s 10′ 20’s 50’s and 100’s.  They have pdf’s of the front and back of the money.  Now, this is where it takes the patience to print them out and make them double sided.  Believe me, it takes patience.  Now, the next “fun part is to cut them out into single sheets and that too is more patience.  I ended up using an old pair of jeans, long sleeve dress shirt and beanie for my head.  I used a hot glue gun to apply each piece of play money onto my clothes.  I started with the jeans and worked from the bottom of the jeans and worked my way up.  I applied each piece of play money vertical and glued it across the top.  One by one by one and once again you have to have the patience to do this.  (Having an adult beverage makes the process easier).  The trick was to layer each piece onto the clothing.  The fact that I have a motorcycle is a bonus.  I actually rode my motorcycle to work on Halloween and let me tell you that was a lot of fun that day.  None of the money flew off and that is a good thing because I did not want to get a ticket for littering.  I had a lot of people slowed down next to me to take a picture and that almost caused a couple of accidents on the way to work.  The same thing happened on the way home too.  I would have loved to enter a Halloween contest, but it was more important to trick or treat with my son.  Thank you and Enjoy, Daniel