Bought pants and shirt from Goodwill, bought fake money from a teaching store, used about 4 to 500 actual bills, they were all different from $1 to $100 bills…used fabric glue and spray adhesive to glue the money to the shirt and pants. Bought biking gloves and used my black helmet and black boots to complete the costume.

Peoples reactions were great saying best costume they have seen and wanting pictures. It was awesome seeing their faces. Everything was easy, just time consuming but well worth it. It took about two days to make and get all the money layered how I wanted it. Everything was pretty perfectly matched, bought acrylic paint for face and hand painted the word “ONE” from back of dollar bill on face and used a hat and fake beard to make hair and money beard. Figured everybody would know who I was because the commercial is always on Geico money guy, just seemed fit for me to do because I kinda look like the guy. Hopefully you like it, been planning since last year.