Cool Geico Money Man Costume

When I first saw the Geico commercial with the money man, I looked at my husband who resembled this person in the commercial.  We bought fake play money and stiched them individually onto a pair of jeans and a long sleeve button down shirt.  We ride motorcycles so we had a skull helmet.  We taped a Geico logo on the helmet.

With the play money, we taped it in the helmet and worked our way down to just past the shoulders to fill it all in.  The whole head piece was down with scotch tape.  We painted his face green and added a money moustache (taped to the side pieces so that it stayed in place.  Went to two places last year and came in first both times.  It’s a great costume and not to difficult to make.  Takes a little time.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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