Coolest Geico Money Costume

This Homemade Geico Money Costume was my costume for Halloween last year. I always cracked up at the commercials so I thought it would be fun to do it! There were several others who attempted to do it before, but I wanted to do better! I started making this costume a little at a time over a month before Halloween. I’m not going to lie….it took a lot of hard work.

To begin with I took a cardboard box and cut a hole large enough for me to fit in. I kept the flaps folded out on the bottom and used them to put the newspaper on.

I then bought a piece of plywood for the base to support everything and cut a hole in it for me to fit into. I had originally started just cutting strips of newspaper and was going to stack it all the way around, but it quickly got waaayyy too heavy. So instead I would staple a few strips on then I would staple a strip of cardboard. This gave it some spacing to take up the room without having to be too heavy.

I used foam plates with black foam for the eyes, placed them on paint sticks and taped to the inside of the box. I used butcher paper with blue duct tape (to make sure I got even width) for the money strip. I blew up a picture of a 5 dollar bill and cut it out and placed it on top. I had to use a green paint that I watered down to give it the light green look.

I took some fabric roping and tacked it to the bottom of the plywood to form criss-cross straps that I wore over my shoulder to hold it up (thus could easily be stepped in and out of). I then just taped my phone to it to play the song all night long.

This Homemade Geico Money Costume was a HUGE success (thankfully since I put so much effort into it)! I hope everyone enjoys!

Homemade Geico Money Costume

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