Funny and Easy Toddler Costume Idea: Will Work for Candy!

This was on son in 2012. I decided to do this costume because, again, we were very tight on money at the time. I went into the Goodwill and purchased a pair of jeans that were a little big and a button down flannel shirt. I started by getting my husband to break out his heavy duty sand paper and start scraping up the pants to make them look worn out at the knees. I then took random pieces of scrap fabric I had on hand and sewed them in random spots. I did the same thing to the flannel shirt. To complete the look we added a beanie, and brown face paint to imitate a beard. For his pumpkin, we added a cardboard sign the read “Will work for Candy.” Everyone LOVED this costume! It was something different that they hadn’t seen! Several people wanted their pictures taken with Benjamin! He was so excited!