Ain’t too proud to beg…

My daughter loves a good laugh…so we started brainstorming ideas of what she could be for Halloween.  She had started off with being a hobo…but the idea transpired into something much greater.  We went to our local Goodwill store and purchased an old pair of jeans and an old flannel shirt.  We had a stocking cap, long wig, broken glasses with tap on them, gloves and old boots from previous costumes that also came in handy.

My husband took them out to the driveway and scrapped them across the cement creating a very natural worn and dirty look.  We cut the fingers out of our old gloves and used a wet tea bag to also help the clothes look dirty.  We went to the Halloween store and purchased some bubba teeth but we altered them a bit by making them a little more decayed.  When my daughter put the costume on she held out her can and said “can you spare a quarter?”  At that point we decided to make a sign that said “will work for candy” and hang around her neck.

This was hands down one of the easiest and inexpensive costumes to put together and she received so much attention for it.  People could not even believe that it was her!  Not sure how we will be able to top this one!  She went to a friend’s Halloween party and nobody even knew who it was! I had to include a picture of what she looked like before the transformation!