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Last-Minute Child Costumes: Halloween Bums

We always make several Halloween events each year and thus the kids want different costumes for each one we go to.  So this year, for one of the trunk or treats we kept it simple and used costumes from a previous year and changed them up to be new.  The boy bum was previously used for a Bubba and the girl bum previously had straw sewn on it for a scarecrow.  We placed some socks hats on them and rubbed a mascara stick on their face to make them dirty.

Then we topped it off with the “Work for Candy” sign and the bums clothes on a stick (just a bamboo stick from the dollar tree and a bandana).  Simple, cheap, and cute as can be.  They received lots of candy and didn’t have to work at all for it!  Everyone at the trunk or treat thought they were to cute and they posed for several pictures.

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