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Insanely Easy Homemade Bum and Hobo Costumes

This DIY costume collection has sparked heated debates both in the comments section here and on our facebook page. While many parents enjoyed dressing up their kids in these last minute costumes, many others were troubled by the idea. You are welcome to check out these bum and hobo costumes and form your own opinions on this topic.

Designing these costumes was fun and easy. Kids loved dressing up and receiving adoring comments and tons of candy. However, many of our readers feel uncomfortable with this idea. The plight of children around the world hits very close to home.

The motivation for creating a homemade costume is to save money while creating precious memories with your family. People here are extremely grateful to be able to celebrate Halloween in a special way with family and friends. However, each individual needs to decide for themselves what their comfort level is with these costumes.

Browse through these DIY costumes and see what you think. Perhaps you will be inspired to create your own costume to raise awareness for a cause you feel close to.

We are interested in what you decide to make. Share it with us here so we can spread your message to other readers like you.