Coolest Homeless Child Costume

This Homemade Homeless Child Costume probably goes better for kids seeming how it’s meant to be funny.

**Note from Elad (Editor): Along with the comments below, this costume sparked a heated debate over on our Facebook page. Take a look…

132 thoughts on “Coolest Homeless Child Costume”

  1. In this time with so many unemployed near homeless people I find this completely tasteless. Why subject a child to this?

  2. Sorry, but I find this offensive. The homeless are PEOPLE. You might ignore them when you walk by them on the street, but you should at afford them at least enough dignity not to spoof them in a Halloween costume for a child.

  3. I’m the first to tell people to lighten up when they’re taking things too seriously, but this goes too far. This really is the worst kind of dismissal of the serious challenge that homelessness is for our society – it’s so unimportant we’ll make a costume, because people living on the street are similar to, say, superheroes or fairies… not really REAL. Would his sister wear a prostitute costume and carry the same sign? Or how about being made up like a battered woman? Yeah! Disgusting.

  4. Am I the only person who finds this totally offensive? I know Hallowe’en is a time to face the things that frighten you, and there isn’t much that frightens most of us parents more than the idea of having to raise our children on the streets, but I think this cuts a little close to the bone at a time when so many people are, in fact, homeless. Think about how the homeless parents of real, live homeless children would feel seeing a presumably non-homeless child dressed this way.

  5. Being homeless is not a joke or something to be made fun of. It’s a real problem that deserves support and sympathy. Teaching children to laugh at it is setting the wrong example.

  6. I think that this costume is hilarious! For those of you blowing the whistle on it…give me a break. When I was a child I think I dressed as a “hobo” at least 3 times when I was a kid (back then a “hobo” was a homeless person). And if memory serves me correctly it was quite a popular Halloween costume. There have always been homeless people in our society and there always will be. My mom would dress me up similar to the cute boy in the picture, but instead of the “sign” around his neck, I had a stick with a stuffed bandanna tied to the end. Unfortunately, our AMERICA has changed so much that it is certainly NOT the “Land of The Free”.

    BOO to all of you who have joined this circus of the NEW “American Way”….blame, shame, blame, shame. I suppose you will all be voting for the current president again. Then, maybe we really will have children begging on the streets.

  7. This is a dehumanizing, tasteless idea that will be looked at by hundreds of people as “cute” and “precious” without some ever realizing the classist and harmful effects this image causes to society’s (already distorted) view of neighbor.

  8. Ya’ll need to lighten up, yes homelessness is a real problem, but did you know that many panhandlers make more than you? Also many of them are addicts or have mental disorders and currently our system does not have the support system needed.

    So lighten up, its just a costume!

  9. To the people who think this is tasteless and offensive. hush up. It is meant to show what kids would do (in a wacky world)for candy. Meant to be funny not offensive. Because your offended by it doesnt mean its offensive, just means you are narrow minded.

  10. Maybe the kid IS homeless and this is his parents’ way of coming up with a costume without spending any money.

  11. Its not funny or cute to dress up as a marginalized population. I should just dress my kids up as starving refugees.

    who ever said panhandlers make more then people with jobs, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, working in this field I know this is not fact, this is just what people tell themselves to feel better about dismissing another human being.
    I would be ashamed of my parent if I grew up and saw that this dressed me up as hurting broken people for a laugh.

  12. this little kid is cute, and the costume, like all halloweenie costumes deserves 5 seconds of your thought and that is about it. maybe it will win a cute contest or something (cause let’s face it without the costume this kid is photogenic.)
    yeah, homelessness is a real problem and all that business, but seriously? people if you think that wagging your finger on the internet at a photo of a child you don’t know is a way to somehow bring sharp focus to a real problem, you have missed the point of caring about such issues. if this offends you because you feel strongly about the homeless problem, channel that energy to go and fix the problem or at least be part of the solution. chastising people on the internet for what you believe to be bad taste is hardly making a difference to the actual problem.
    For people who are making a difference in this matter, good for you! That is wonderful! however throwing it in anonymous people’s face on the internet? not really needed.
    i think having costumes make light of crappy things is another side to halloween. i have seen costumes of priest and altar boy, gay klansman, and many more that are just as offensive. it is just a costume, and it is just for candy. halloween is hardly the day that any child decides what kinds of social issues they will tackle when they grow up.

  13. Really?? Have a sense of humor, it’s Halloween and its the costume! Maybe to the parents it doesn’t mean what it does to you (narrow minded ppl) Maybe they didn’t want to put their kid in a superman or batman costume. Maybe the kid picked it themself. He’s adorable and it’s for Halloween so have fun with it!

  14. I personally don’t do Halloween, but I thought it was cute and creative. People will dress there kids as devils and dead people and kills, but this is wrong. Leave this mom alone her idea is cute and rethink things for yourself if you really think this is wrong. The costume is great, keep it.

  15. I think this costume is super cute, and i honestly think the “people” that are saying this is disturbing is actually one person posting under different names..

  16. People for hells sake quit complaining about the unemployed get off your ass and find a job. I’m sure theres a lot of bums make more money panhandling then people that work at Wal mart. Quit giving bums money, take them to an employment center. They just buy boos and drugs with it.

    Anyways nice costume little man.

  17. It’s Halloween for goodness sake.. A time for children to dress via a costume and collect candy . That’s it. That’s all folks. He’ sabsolutely precious; A beautiful little boy, who is lucky to have a mother who cares enough about him to make sure he 1) has a costume to wear and 2) wants to spend time w/ him doing something fun.

    To imply that people who find this funny are insensitive is ridiculous. I care a great deal about the welfare of the people of this country, but I find this funny. I volunteer my time and money REGULARLY to various causes, but I find this funny. Relax people… he’s adorable!

  18. Come on people, I know homeless is not a joke. Be really its called Halloween just because we dress as a homeless for Halloween does not mean we are making fun of them. People dress up as doctors, police officers, serail killers etc etc. ITS CALLED DRESSING UP PEOPLE FOR HALLOWEEN. Next thing you know for all u nonsense of humor people, halloween will be baned and ruined for kids and adults because as american we take things to the heart, relax and enjoy halloween. WE ARE AMERICANS AND THE RIGHT TO DRESS AND TALK HOW WE FEEL. Trick a treat for all u buhumbugs

  19. does anyone not remember dressing up like a hobo…old broomstick with a knapsac attached…if you are offend please sign up to help the homeless in your area or the next time you see an adult with this signage please give them a few bucks are give them a bag of dollar burgers from Mickey D’s

  20. I have mixed feeling’s about this costume.The child is adorable and cute,but the costume could be offensive.There are homeless children,and that’s sad.For all of you saying chill out,shut up.Remember free speech to all,not just some of you.

  21. I’m the first person to tell people to lighten up, but this costume is going way too far. Why in the world would anyone allow their children to believe it’s okay to mock a person who is suffering in this way?

    And to the person above who is making this political, shame on you. You’re exactly what’s wrong with this country right now. No heart, no compassion just lies and blame.

    I, for one, want to teach my child that we’re a society and we’re all in this together. Not a single person can do it alone. I will teach my child to respect those with challenges and help when they can.

  22. I think the costume is absolutely adorable, and I am actually dressing my son like this for Halloween. I am truly amazed to see how many find this offensive. I don’t have a lot of money for fancy costumes, and as many others have said, I used to dress up like a “hobo” all the time when I was a kid. The sad part is I have seen “hobo’s” stand outside for hours and collect all kind of money then walk around the back of the plaza they just loitered and get into a brand new car! I feel bad for those who truly are homeless, I have been there myself, but c’mon people it’s a harmless kids costume… Lighten up! Just be a good parent and teach your child better then to “make fun” of less fortunate.

  23. Some people need to get the sticks out of their butts lol, if your not homeless then there is no reason to be offended. I dressed up as a “hobo” plenty of times when I was little, so did many in my neighborhood. Its a cheap and easy costume for parents on a budget.

  24. Like the ones that are offended on here that we are in the current situation that we are in.

    This costume is both cute and funny. If you had time to sit back and type about how “offensive” this is then you have time to get out and change it. Go volunteer at a shelter or something.

  25. You people who find this “offensive” and “tasteless” need to grow a sense of humor. Its a costume, get over it!

  26. This is a great costume!!!
    You know Clowns are people too.. Maybe our kids should stop being clowns? Or Firemen? Or Police Officers?????

  27. I think this is hysterical! Especially since I was a hobo most years for Halloween because it was the only costume I could come up with in an hour! The beard is the best touch!!

  28. That is the cutest costume and if I had a toddler, he would so be dressing like this for Halloween, GREAT JOB MOM!!!! Best costume idea ever!

  29. wow to anybody who is bagging on this costume I LOVE it and you people need to lighten up this is what my child is being this year i already bought everything i find it funny i understand that homelessness is something that our country is struggling with in the economy but its because our president so vote him out and this wouldn’t be so bad!!!

  30. Get off your high horses its a joke, jeez its halloween!! Wth now i have to be politically correct playing dress up?! Gimme a break

  31. ok. first off i dont walk by homeless people i gave a man $10 walking into walmart came out an hr later to see him walking down the road with a pack of beer! and it wasnt to down the homeless people its a joke and I personally found it halarious and he won many costume awards. he was 1 im sure the thought of holding a sign saying will work for candy wasnt crossing his mind but all the laughs and candy he was getting! if you cant see the humor in it then look onto the next idea! no one asked for your negative comments. i apologize that you have no sense of humor! dont down my parenting or son! and thank you to all of you who got the joke and love it! i do as well!

  32. I’m blown away by all the cynical, critical and narrow-mindedness that surrounds us in this country. From a simple photo of a costumed child, a diatribe has erupted on social and political issues. Seriously? I am a mother of three and also a middle school teacher. Halloween is certainly not a time for analyzing our nations detriment. Especially where our precious children are involved. That child and most other children will never give a second thought to a “hobo” costume. Children shouldn’t have to be exposed to adult problems. Yes there are people who are less fortunate, but teach your children to be grateful and giving. Nobody is making “fun” of anything dressing up this way. Where are the arguments for the other costumes? The simple fact remains: these are costumes. The true problem with our country indeed lies in the hands of these critics. Because of these people, there is fault in everything, there are negative attitudes, and “What’s wrong with you?! – I’m perfect” perspectives. I’m extremely disappointed and saddened by the verbal attack shown by others to this poor woman.
    Everything we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten:
    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

  33. Are you people kidding me?? This costume is cute. The U.S. used to be the land of the free..freedom of speech..yadda,yadda!! Gees, it’s like walking on egg shells with you uptight people!!! Lighten up!! You speak about this costume not being proper for the hard economical times that we are living in,but have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine?! “If life gives you lemon, make lemonade!” Some of you should just live in a bubble and let the rest of us enjoy life without having to hear your whinning!!

  34. Do you really think these people are trying to make others feel bad, no! They are having fun on a fun holiday with their kid! In fact my kid will be dressed the same this Halloween complete with little shopping cart! I think he looks great!

  35. This is so stinkin cute!! Too all of you that find it offensive get over it. Its a costume! Make beleive, its no different than an actor acting in a movie as a bum.

  36. Oh…Please…

    “One shouldn’t dress like the dead since everyone of us know someone dead whom we love”

    Lighten up!

  37. I dressed as a hobo for Halloween as a kid and no one chastised my parents. Why? Because it’s a COSTUME for HALLOWEEN. So, should we ban pirates (those murdering, pillaging thieves)? How about little baby ghosts (ghosts are paranormal… bad bad bad)? Or Witches on broomsticks? Frankenstein? See my point?

    Shame on you, soapbox preachers!!!! Go get a job (any job, not just the glamorous one you think someone owes you for gracing Earth with your presence)and do something productive with your time. Leave this cute little trick-or-treater (and his clever parents) alone.

  38. I don’t usually ever comment on these things, but some of these people are being absolutely ridiculous! If you don’t like the costume, don’t dress your kid as that…simple solution!! I don’t find it offensive or crude, this is a Halloween costume on a cute little boy!!

    My son has asked to be a hobo this year and he’s 9….and guess what…I’d MUCH rather him dress up as a homeless person for Halloween than a devil or some other disturbing costume! But that doesn’t mean that I’ll go bashing everyone else that does let their kids dress up like that! The old saying “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all” rings true in this situation!! Great costume to the mom that made this :)

  39. I came back to this picture because I am thinking about doing this myself for Halloween! I am 47 years old, have worked all my life but lost my job in February because of the economy! Thank the good Lord I am not homeless but I am unemployed & will be doing it to make fun of my bad situation! All the nasty comments are ridiculous, it’s a great costume! And that’s what it is, a costume!! For one night, probably no more than 2 hours! I, like so many others that have commented dressed as a hobo many times growing up! This country has gone crazy! My other option is to be a decapitated Obama ~ wonder how many that would offend?

  40. very cute.. dressing my son as this for halloween. As i always say to people, LIGHTEN UP OR LOG OFF!!! Have a sense of humor people even the bums would laugh at this!!

  41. I saw this precious little boy, read his sign, & cracked up! Working for Candy? Hilarious! How anyone could be so judgemental about this Mother’s is beyond my comprehension! There are so many Freddie Kruger, Hannibal Lector, hookers & pimps, Bill Cinton & Monica Lewinsky, devils, ghouls, witches, etc that no One blinks an eye at. She is showing how cute, cost-effective, and easy a home-made costume is all about. I want to give this little boy all the candy I can. Maybe, that’s the lesson you can learn from this! Happy Halloween. Be who & what you want to be!

  42. This is adorable…for those of you complaining about this you need to first know the definition of a “Hobo”. This was not a worthless, selfish person, this was someone who had a sense of self worth and the last thing they wanted was a hand out…hence the sign, “Will WORK FOR FOOD”…this is cute…maybe you have issues that you need to work out!

  43. You people are ridiculous, Im homeless and i find this adorable. If you people gave two shts you would help people NOT be homeless, not waist your time talking smack on someones child. Dumbasses, if you cant handle it, dont be looking at it.

    Its adorable,
    & now i have a costume for my son this year. ( :

  44. I think this is so cute! All the comments on here saying this isnt funny… lighten up! Its a costume! There are a ton of costumes out there picking at sterotypes and people laugh at them! Not every one from alabama does dirty things to animals but there are costumes that have a redneck guy doing a sheep! I think this is cute and the little guy is adorable!!

  45. Seeing how a lot of people are out of work this Is a awesome way to save money. This is just ridiculous to take such offense to a 2year old dressing as a hobo. people have been dressing as a hobo since we started trick or treating. Get over it! It’s a very cute and sensible idea!

  46. people have been homeless for years now….it’s NOT something that just started w/ the economy the way it is. Why is it just now an issue for people? Is it because we are just now feeling the effects of it? If this costume was posted 10 years ago, it wouldn’t be the big deal it is now.


  48. i think it is very cute! i take care of a lot of less fortunate people especially in the area that i live in but maybe it was cheap so what! i think instead of posting things like this make a difference where you live instead of criticize her. thats the only way this world is going to change. donate and help people out instead of putting them down well done mom very cute!

  49. Seriously people….lighten up! What is the difference bewteen dressing up like this cute little boy or dressing up like a hobo????? I don’t think anyone means any disrespect.

  50. …have enough money to CHOOSE to starve themselves, and have never had to worry about even going a day without food because they couldn’t afford it.

    Sickening, privileged masses.

  51. I actually used this idea this year! I found it on pinterest and thought it was so cute! It’s just a costume ppl!!!! Lighten up!!

  52. I found this on pinterest also and used it as a last minute costume for my toddler. It was a hit! and he was very adorable. I only had to buy the paint for his beard, I had everything else on hand. Great for my budget, thanks for sharing, mom!
    And maybe it had something to do with being in the South and people are less uptight here, but we got a ton of compliments on it and people were stopping us to take photos with their phones.

  53. Get a grip ….we all need to relax and KNOW all things pass. This is a funny moment and what a better way than to laugh at ourselves. Most social commentary comes in the form of laughter.

  54. Regardless of whether you think this is funny or not… and I admit, I think it is based solely on how inappropriate it is… it should not be permitted to enter the contest. Even if somethings funny, it can still be wrong.

  55. Well we do not know the reasons behind the parents dressing their child up like this however before we all judge we should look at the possibilities. Maybe they are trying to make more people aware that because people are homeless does not make them any less valuable as a person what better way to do this then by reaching all those that they come across on a night like halloween as we all know that we see more people that night than any other, also not to mention all of you here on the net that are commenting on this picture. Maybe they do not have a lot of money themselves and did not want their child to miss out on the halloween experince and came up with a costume that would not cost a lot as he is wearing everyday clothes and a little of “Mom’s” makeup for the beard. I just think that we are becomin more negative in judging people and need to think af what the other possibilities are. The little boy is super cute regardless of the reason for the costume.

  56. This person explained things perfectly! I agree with them 100%!!
    This costume is just a costume and I think people need to relax.
    by: Anonymous

    I’m blown away by all the cynical, critical and narrow-mindedness that surrounds us in this country. From a simple photo of a costumed child, a diatribe has erupted on social and political issues. Seriously? I am a mother of three and also a middle school teacher. Halloween is certainly not a time for analyzing our nations detriment. Especially where our precious children are involved. That child and most other children will never give a second thought to a “hobo” costume. Children shouldn’t have to be exposed to adult problems. Yes there are people who are less fortunate, but teach your children to be grateful and giving. Nobody is making “fun” of anything dressing up this way. Where are the arguments for the other costumes? The simple fact remains: these are costumes. The true problem with our country indeed lies in the hands of these critics. Because of these people, there is fault in everything, there are negative attitudes, and “What’s wrong with you?! – I’m perfect” perspectives. I’m extremely disappointed and saddened by the verbal attack shown by others to this poor woman.
    Everything we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten:
    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”

  57. Halloween is a time for dressing up as that which frightens us. This parent is obviously aware of the current economic situation and finds legitimate fear in the potential outcomes of said situation and has created an (obviously) satirical child costume.

    The parent of this child is painfully more aware of what is going on in the world than those who have commented before me.

    This is obvious by the effort people have put into getting all bent out of shape over what will not even be remembered by the general public a month from now, when there are so many far more important things they could be getting worked up over which might actually have a shot at being changed for the better if they’d only direct that piss and vinegar in a more constructive direction.

    Just sayin’…

  58. OKay seriously people yea homelessness is a problem but i have seen so many costumes that make fun of all sorts of people. I saw some white guys dressing up as Obama in an unflattering way, priests, nuns, farmers. Its halloween. One day of the year people are supposed to lighten up! At SDSU they have hobo days where pretty much the WHOLE SCHOOL dresses as a hobo and celebrates gunna b*tch at the school for that too?

  59. Maybe instead of wasting your time browsing the web you should get off your ass, complaining about children’s costumes and help make a difference with the homeless! I volunteer weekly helping the homeless and I find not a thing wrong with this adorable little guy and his costume… it is just that. A COSTUME!! This is the one time a year you can choose to be what ever you want. Too many people are shallow minded and take things way too seriously. Opinions are like assholes… we all have them and they often stink and should be kept to yourself.

    The world would be a better place if people wouldn’t pass judgment on anyone for the thing they choose to do… it is what makes us all unique and interesting!!! Kudos mom for being creative.

  60. People…..lighten up! It’s halloween. You’re getting offended by a little boy dressed like a homeless person but you don’t get offendec by someone dressed as a serial killer or some other disturbing costumes that I’ve seen… Really? Get a life! This does not by any means show that this person is less sensitive of the “homeless”. Give me a friggen break! Get a life!

  61. When you lose your home, I hope people don’t make fun of you. I hope your child never has to live on the street. I hope your child grown up to be a compassionate adult and doesn’t mock unfortunate people.

  62. For those of you who think this is funny, I would like to ask have you ever even been to a homeless shelter? I have been volunteering at one for the last 12 years. There are homeless children running around here in the United States who are hungry and need food. So sad that parents are teaching their children to trivialize such a serious epidemic.

  63. This is one of the greatest costumes i have ever seen. Too bad some people just need to find the negative in everything.

  64. Whoever said “maybe then we will have children begging on the streets.” Do you really not know that entire families are homeless? This includes children. Yes ones that I’ve seen, and ones that my friends see every day in the city of Chicago. People also used to find it acceptable to institutionalize people who had disabilities, and cure “mental” disabilities with lobotomies. Still wanna keep old traditions alive?
    The past existing is inevitable. Learning from the past is the part that changes the future.

  65. Again…something taken totally out of context. B concerned about something that really matters then actually DO something about it. Go ahead make a difference…I dare you.Most of you are quick to criticize but do nothing to change the problem…maybe he was collecting candy to give to the “homeless” kids! Halloween is dressing up in any costume you can come up with in your imagination and having fun as a kid. Its not intended to be a social issue.

  66. This is not making fun of the homeless… it’s just making fun. Besides half of the “homeless” who actually stand at street corners with signs like this make abou $60,000/year and go home every night. Lighten up people.

  67. This is awful & tasteless, you should be ashamed of yourself for using your child to make fun of those fortunate.

    Just remember, usually what goes around comes around too.

  68. This is something i could actually do no sewing! as for it being mean or teaching kids something – really the whole idea of halloween is to go get something for free! Its fun and silly not educational.
    p.s. Most homeless people are not helpless and as someone who finds this costume adorable I have given plenty of my last dollars to people on the streets! Oh and i also know plenty of young healthy adults who choose to be homeless and they find it HILARIOUS!

  69. This is such a creative and fun costume. It’s too bad there are too many uptight people in the world that cant appreciate true creativeness. One day they will wake up and realize that they are the ones who are the problem!

  70. ok for all you people complaining get a life! yes there are many people out there that our homeless holding “will work for food” signs. Yes some of them may really mean it but most don’t. I have seen a man hold that sign and then later go and get into a VERY nice car and drive into one of the nicest neighborhoods in my area. Plus also those who are homeless are normally homeless because all their money goes to their alchol and drug addictions. I saw a man with a sign and went and got him a couple of burgers and fries off the dollar menu at McDonalds and guess what? He told me he didnt want it that he wanted MONEY ONLY! to get what drugs or Beer! People need to think of this as a joke! it is halloween! Maybe if we find this offensive we should stop dressing up as the dead or like the devil becasue many might find that offensive. Who cares? Halloween! I loved dressing up as a hobo and in 5th grade was actually OBSESSED with hobo’s. Plus i dontate my time at homeless shelters and I think it is adorable!!!! Cutest costume ever! Totally stealing!

  71. Maybe all you people on here who are outraged and speaking up for homeless people are actually the I es being offensive! MAYBE this child’s mother was being creative an funny because they don’t have tons of money to spend on a costume, so she thought a little makeup and a marker plus a sense of HUMOR would keep her child from feeling left out this year! MAYBE you should all think that there are many versions to the same story and to assume anything makes YOU the jerk. Lighten up and think outside your little box for a minute please. This may be a totall different situation than you think it is.

  72. To the people who are criticizing this costume, get over yourselves.

    I agree with another person who posted. My parents went as homeless people one year when I was little. It was an easy costume to make at the time.
    I don’t remember people making a big deal about it back then.
    There are way more offensive costumes out there too. Even so, it is Halloween.
    Learn to laugh people.
    Go channel your frustration and get out there and maybe volunteer. Hmmm sounds better than complaining about a picture on the internet! LOL!

  73. This costume is deplorable. Whoever thinks this is funny, cute or creative is sick. Also, for those of you who think the homeless are addicts of some kind…do you think there are no addicts that are wealthy? Grow up and try to have at least a small amount of class.

  74. You are all absolutely ridiculous!!! Seriously??? It’s a friggin Halloween costume! People can dress up as murderers but now a “homeless” person who is probably making more money per day than yourself??? Most of the “real” homeless who are not addicts or alcoholics don’t stand on the corners panhandling for money… They try to get help! I offered one of those guys and honest days work for an honest days pay and they were not interested!!!
    Lighten up people!!! Not everyone is going to do everything to appease you! If you don’t like it, don’t friggin dress your kid in it! It’s that simple!!!

  75. When I saw this costume I instantly thought how unique and cute it was. I was/am seriously thinking about doing something similar for a costume. I didn’t once think of it to be offensive, which after reading comments I guess it could be portrayed that way. However, I’ve seen kids and adults dressed up as different “famous” murderers…are those offensive? Dressing up as clowns, werewolves, the opposite sex, a type of animal, a famous person, an athlete…these all could be offensive in one way or another to someone. It is Halloween, a time to be creative and have fun!

  76. Get over it and get off your high horse. I would totally dress both my kids this way for Halloween. I guess we then should not let our kids dress like gypsys,Indians, cowboys, pirates,angles,princesses, anything religious or anything cultural related or anything dead or un-dead as some ridiculous stuck up snot would find it offensive. It is Halloween a time to use your imagination and be what or who ever you choose to be. maybe we should stop Halloween all together because someone’s costume may be offensive to others. Get real and get a life, as I have seen many many many more offensive costumes than a toddler dressed as a hobo.

  77. Ok so this costume IS funny! For all you whiny people…so its ok to dress your kid as dead people? Wouldnt that be disrespecting the dead? lol I mean seriously! People complain and whine about anything and that is whats disturbing!

  78. To all those saying, “lighten up” – would you say the same for a kid dressed as a cancer patient? How about a starving African child? Homeless people are not characters, they are people enduring an immense hardship. If you don’t understand that I think you are seriously lacking compassion.

  79. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I do not find this offensive. I do not see humor in homelessness, however, I do see humor in this costume. My goodness.

  80. This is great! Adorable. My son shall be this for Halloween.

    I was going to dress him up as a Gnome but I will probably get a bunch of people complaining that it’s offensive to midgets. Then I thought about Spiderman but decided against it because people would think it was corrupting the mind of a child to how the real world really is. I remember dressing up as a girl for Halloween and thought about dressing him up as one, but I know I will get a lot of complaints that it offends gays and cross dressers.

    All you people complaining, just shut up already. How many of you work in a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter? You people are so freaking fake. Sit behind a computer and complain how unfair it is. If you are that offended by this, shouldn’t you be out helping the homeless?

  81. OMG homelessness is SOOOOO cute and adorable!

    are you serious? you people are sick. Do you know what being homeless means? it means you’re cold, hungry and alone. it means sleeping in shelters, having nothing and having no one. defining this costume as “cute” is grotesque. have your head and your heart examined. and instead of calling this cute, why don’t you do some real good and donate some time and money (which YES, i actually do!) to a food bank, city mission or shelter. homelessness is not a costume, sickos.

  82. Wow it amazes me how seriously people take themselves. I think the costume is adorable, and what a original funny idea. It seems like people just look for a reason to be offended. My church has a homeless ministry and I have spent many hours with homeless people. It’s funny almost none of these people would be offended by this costume but people who have never been homeless sitting in their house are offended by this. LOL I love America! Only here.

  83. For all of you that looked too much into this costume, get over it! That’s all it is….a COSTUME. And, as someone said in an earlier comment, when we were all young we dressed as “hobos” – SAME CONCEPT. This whole idea of “Political Correctness” has gone way beyond too far when a child and parent get reprimanded for a freaking Halloween costume. If I dress my little boy up as a ghost is someone that believes in spirits going to get mad at me for offending the dead? This is insane. People need to quit taking offense to everything and lighten up a little. Maybe this country would be a happier place if everyone didn’t get so bent out of shape at the silliest little things.

    AND, my son will be going as a “Baby Bum” for Halloween this year because I think this is the funniest, cutest idea EVER. So you all can just deal with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. My son and I have both been homeless. Had nothing and no one, by the grace of God made it to where we are today. I still have very little to spend on anything frivolous, and Halloween is just that to me. But to him its fun, its his whole imagination at work. My friend and I took him to a costume shop today and it hurt my pride to know all the things his eyes lit up to I wouldn’t afford. So I googled on my friends computer and found this site after seeing the pic. This is cute. Its funny. Its inexpensive and I’m not teaching him to be disrespectful to anyone. I don’t need my head or heart examined. I’m also Hispanic. I don’t see harm in someone wearing a poncho and drinking tequila? Grow up and get a sense of humor. If you don’t laugh you’ll cry. I’d rather laugh…

    And bitterness leads to wrinkles.

  85. You people complaining about this are total terds. Please. get over it you paranoid annoying whining freaks. WAA WAA WAA.

    *It’s so horrible, how could anyone do this to a child, you’re making fun of people, totally tasteless*.

  86. Some people need to serious chill and relax!

    Have a little fun with Halloween! My 2 year old is going to be this for Halloween!

    BTW — we are currently homeless!

  87. I think it’s cute.. Kids can be princesses and monsters and celbes and whatever but not a homeless person just like celebs are rich most homeless have put themselves in that position do calm down its a CUTE harmless costume…

  88. Hobo costumes have been around for years, what about “jailbird” costumes? Does that poke fun at the incarcerated, maybe a “sexy nun” would have been better its Halloween relax!

  89. thanks to this being pinned on pinterest I am making my own for my son! Almost done.. and I love how Im doing his beard..

  90. My husband came up with the homeless idea for our son for this year, and then I found this pic – love it. Our sign will read something like “Lets face it I just want a bottle” (He is a little young for candy)

    And to all you negative people – Halloween is supposed to be a light hearted fun Holiday. And FYI Panhandling is a job for most of those people, like being a nurse or a cop which I am sure you all have no problem with for a costume. So pipe down all you indignant fools!

  91. I dressed my 2 yr old up. He and this child look so much alike. It seems to me that the people upset by this seem to be sterotyping and shld be the ones ashamed of themselves.
    Should we b offended by all costumes on the theory it might b offensive to someone for whatever reason? Give me a break. People with OPEN minds thought he was adorable. They actually looked at him as a depiction of a typical boy. Messy, dirty, and willing to work for Candy. And if someone looked at him as homeless did that just not bring awareness to that issue?

  92. Well, to those of you who want to bash me and my son by saying its sick or disturbing…. why not just carry on and keep your comments to yourself? This was well over 3 years ago. Most homeless people make more than I do and I work 2 jobs!!!!! Let me guess tho, your kids were angels? Isn’t that an insault to christians? Or wait maybe the devil? Representing evil? Or maybe a zombie?? Your poor sported opinions are a waste of time. He’s now 4 and still has nooo clue of what is going on in the goverment! Plus by the time he is able to understand the goverment will be ran into the ground. Also, his father has now served 6 tours over seas protecting you sorry souls and he helped make it! Let’s bash him a little too. If you have no interest in it then why not go to the next option? My kids will be gath and wayne from waynes world next year! I look forward to your simple comments. To all that love it thank you so much! He has become pretty famous over the internet and it all started with your support!!!! It was a last minute costume idea and it was maybe $10 to make!

  93. Get a grip all you boohooers, first of all there is NOTHING sad about this costume especially since the “will work for food” sign is the biggest scam that has been around for years. Have asked many to come and work for me and have NEVER gotten one to do any work, its one excuse after another, because its the “lazy mans” way to make a buck off the “suckers” who are really the ones we should boohoo for since they are so naive! The best one I ever met was a “bum” and I mean bum holding a will work for food sign right in front of the hiring sign of a Rocky Rococo Pizza. I fell for it once and gave money and now I go right up and offer work and they never take it.
    If you have such a problem with this costume, you go support the “bums” and let the rest of us have our American Freedom!

  94. To those who care incredibly to much. Get a life and a sense of humor. This is the best child’s costume idea possibly of all time. I personally know this boy and his mother. She is a good mother. I bet you guys would be more afended if he was a bloody Jesus hanging from a cross? Am I right? But even that’s funny to me. Lighten up or your life shall remain as boring and bland as your comments.

  95. it’s a character based on a real person. should kids not dress up like queens or kings or rockstars? i remember kids dressing up like jailbirds and hobos (complete with stick and bandana) and it was FINE. btw, without the sign, he looks like a “deadliest catch” character. maybe just give him a crabpot or yellow raincoat and the controversy is gone.

  96. Yes, being homeless is not funny, but the costume is, okay? Got that? Good. Now i just want to pony out, most(and i say most, not all) people are homeless because its their own damn fault. Addictions cause people to wast their money on things like cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Other people messed their own lives up by not using their full potential in school. Get a job. Go to college. Get a better job. There is nothing ‘fun’ about being homeless. So what? Let people do whatever they want! It’s not like they’re is saying “Oh, being homeless is so funny, lets make a hilarious costume for our child.” !


  97. Omg! Why are you making this a big deal?! Its HALLOWEEN! While some of you parents have your child dressed up as a killer (freddy kruger, jason) the grim reaper, a ghost, scary monster etc etc…. calm down. Everyone knows being homeless is nothing to joke about but come on now….. they’re simply kids dressing up. Stop turning your noses down at the kids parent for being creative!

  98. How is this more offensive than the devil, walking dead, witches, and gory costumes that kids dress as? I take more offense to those than this! Halloween costumes are punny, play on words, and representing something you’re not. It’s a COSTUME, not a political statement-unless you make it one. BTW, that toddler has absolutely no concept of his costume. It’s purely for the adults at the door or play group to see how cute he can look with a beard begging for candy.

  99. This is just about kids’ costumes, not a social commentary! As others stated, it could just as easily have been a hobo costume. I’m sure some children in your family must have made their own costumes & dressed up as hobos in the past. Of course, that was before the current era of expensive designer costumes made by poorly paid factory workers in poverty-stricken countries as they are today. Bet you didn’t think about that, did you? If you feel so strongly about it, just what are YOU doing to relieve the plight of homeless people besides posting negative comments on websites??!!

    Why don’t you naysayers just go to Walmart and pick up a sense of humor??!!

  100. I am a girl and my family is very poor we were almost homeless. Ii may not be homeless or have experienced being homeless but i was at that risk
    I feel that it could offend the homeless and I feel so bad for those children who have to grow up with this against them.

  101. It’s a Halloween costume!! No insult intended! You complainers are what’s wrong with America today, making issues where there are none. I can not roll my eyes back any further. I personally know a homeless person & he prefers it that way.

  102. You guys are wasting your energy on being outraged and upset over this costume. The little boy is playing a character. It’s not a big deal. They are not making fun the homeless.

    When I lived in Atlanta the homeless were very aggressive. I made one guy a sandwich and gave him snacks and a drink. We had a casual conversation as well. Then he asked me if I was going to give him some cash or not? “No sir, I don’t have money to give you.”

    “What do you mean you don’t have any money, you have a nice car and house.”

    “Sir, I work hard to pay my bills and I don’t have a lot of extra money, but I’ll share my food with you.”

    He was upset and walked off yelling at me. Oh well. But I’ll still share my food with the homeless when I can.

  103. Clowns are people too… lol. C’mon… this costume is cute. Quit yelling and puffing your chest to the void that is the internet.

  104. This isn’t funny or cute or even ok, it’s very offensive to those who have compassion for the homeless.

  105. This is absolutely adorable… it’s a child and it’s HALLOWEEN dress up for goodness sakes! I don’t at all find it offensive or look at it as “making fun” of homeless or Hobo’s. I dressed my baby up as a biker boy and he won 3 costume contest- its all in good fun. Was a wrong for making him a baby biker?? Was that making fun of people who have motorcycles? Some of these comments on here are RIDICULOUS… you all sound ignorant and uptight! Take that somewhere else!

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