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Coolest Homemade Little Hobo Child Halloween Costume

We created Austyn’s Homemade Little Hobo Child Halloween Costume by using an old sweater with plaid patches sewn inside and out. I used sand paper to wear the clothing down to look old and rugged. I also took scissors across the sweater and pants to make the holes in them.

We got an old man’s hat and sewed patches and fabric around the brim of the hat. I happened to find a pair of hobo shoes at a five and dime store which made the costume complete. Bandanna tied onto a stick we hand picked out in the woods. Used mascara on his face for the mustache and beard.

It took me about an hour to make the entire costume.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Little Hobo Child Halloween Costume”

  1. There are real life people who have to live with this and they are way less fortunet as everyone else and the fact your using this as a joke is pathetic and crule and I higley doubt these childern know the truth about this. It is very offensive i know its just a costume but its offensive

  2. What a cute costume! I see nothing offensive about this. I used to live in Orlando and there were a few panhandler’s that would hang out in front of a busy mall. I felt particularly bad for one gentleman who appeared to have only one arm. While waiting at a stoplight one day, I observed him pull his “hidden” arm out of his shirt and walk away carrying his bucket of money! NOW THAT IS OFFENSIVE. All you big cry babies need to get a life and quit being so easily offended by everything. Frankly, I am offended by such stupidity. Oopsie! I should have kept my mean comment to myself just like you people picking on this Mom should have kept your comments to yourself. Such hypocrisy.

  3. I find costumes such as these to be offensive and in poor taste. What does it teach children? To laugh at those who are homeless and struggling? I was heartbroken to see a child in my neighborhood dressed as a homeless person this year. Perhaps, I’m more sensitive because in my work, we have many homeless clients. Some of whom are children of families living in tent cities or worse. I’m very disappointed that this site allows these pictures to be posted. There are too many homeless who are suffering. This just simply isn’t a funny or cute costume as I see it.

  4. You ALL don’t even know the definition of a hobo. A hobo is not a homeless bum. A homeless bum is a homeless bum. A hobo is a train hopping/hitchhiking wanderer who works at odd jobs to feed himself.


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