Woody was easier to make because she already had the shorts, yellow shirt and cowboy boots. The hat, cow print and bandana were purchased at Hobby Lobby. She cut a plain white shirt and glued the cow print on. She also drew the red lines on the shirt with a shirt marker.

Buzz was a little bit harder to make. I already had a plain white tee and purple shorts. So, I had to purchase the bandana, duct tape, cardboard and knee high socks. We duct taped the green around my shirt to look like Buzz and also around the socks. I cut the end part off a pair of knee high socks for the arm things. I cut the shape out of the cardboard and duct taped everything but the red top of the “wings” are marker.

It was a really big hit and we loved our costumes. The only downfall was having to walk sideways through doorways :)