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Famous Painting Costume – Lady In Gold by Gustov Klimt

My goal this year was to create a famous painting costume. I started thinking about my favorite pieces and Gustov Klimt immediately came to mind. Once I got the idea, I started with the dress.

Being able to find the right gold was going to be important.  Once I found the fabric I was able to use craft paint and tacky glue to create the designs on the dress. I had my laptop nearby so I could duplicate the details.  

The top is made from different layers of ribbon cut to represent the layers. There was some sewing involved in this part of the dress.  A lot of time was spent studying reels of ribbon to match the top of her dress.  Hot glue and safety pins filled in when my where my sewing skills failed.

Now for the backdrop which was pretty time consuming.  I started in the scrapbook section picking sheets that matched the different colors and textures.  There is also some tinfoil, fabric, gem stones and wrapping paper mixed in.  I have everyone in my house cutting circles and rectangles for days.  I used everything in the house as templates from the spices in the cabinet to coffee cups and butter dishes.  The box I scored from Home Depot and I painted it gold before glueing on all of the shapes.  Placement of each circle was critical so, if you have OCD or are looking for a fast costume…do not take this one on!  

A few weeks later I had the recreated masterpiece and simply had to make my face and hair look like the muse in the picture (Adele).  I attached the cardboard on my back by running a ribbon around my waste and through the back.  All the work on my famous painting costume was worth it…I won the contest I entered!  

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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