Starry Night Painting Costume

I made this costume by buying a dark blue dress from Goodwill and painting a lot! I bought a mask at Michael’s and went through a tough time cutting it apart to make it fit my itty bitty head. I then painted it using acrylic paint in the likeness of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, “Starry Night”, which is one of my favorite paintings of all time (if you can’t tell from the picture, my phone case is Starry Night with a little harry potter on a broomstick, I’m a nerd).

I then cut the blue dress to a little higher than knee length and used black spray-fabric paint to paint the entire back of the dress black (like the back of a framed painting). After painting the back, I sketched out a very rough version of “Starry Night” with chalk on the dress. I then used fabric paint and painted my altered version of the “Starry Night” landscape on the dress, saving the moon for the very top.

I used white fabric paint to paint a false Vincent Van Gogh signature over the black paint on the back. People enjoyed the dress, but I think a lot of people were kind of confused by it (I live in a college town, where boring and revealing costumes are the norm). I had an incredible time making the dress and most people who talked to me about the dress really loved it, I’m so glad I took the time to create it!

Starry Night Painting Costume

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