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Original Costume Idea: Lost Andy Warhol Painting

My friends and I love group costumes and decided to do works of art. I knew right away I wanted to do an Andy Warhol painting, specifically a play on his famous colored Marilyn Diptych of Marilyn Monroe.

I bought a bright pink 1950s styled wig and snapped a photo of myself wearing it. Then I went into a photo editing program and played around with all of the colors, including hair, make-up, background, clothes. After I had the photo the way I wanted it, I printed it out. The process was repeated four times so I had five very colorful versions of the same photo.

From the craft store I purchased a big piece of white heavy duty foam poster board. I knew my head was going to be in the middle section, so I cut a space out to fit my head and arranged the five photos around my head and just used clear packing tape to tape them to the board.

Now came the tricky part: figuring out how to attach it. I built a sort of quasi-harness (I didn’t have enough time to do anything super secure): I bought one of those green foam rings used to make wreaths and wrapped it with a black trashbag. I knew I was going to wear black the night we went out so I wanted it to blend in as much as possible and I had to make sure I’d be able to get it over my head (I must have looked like an idiot at the craft store, trying these rings on LOL). Then I took wire used for wreaths and flower arrangaements and taped them to the back of the poster board on either side of my head. The other ends were stuck into the foam ring to hold it up. I kept playing with how many wire pieces I added to make sure the poster board would stand up on its own, as well as playing with the angle so it wouldn’t tip back.

I absolutely loved this costume but it’s one of thsoe things that looked awesome when you’re just standing there but super awkward to move around in. Especially when you are in a very crowded space, liket the party we went to. But it’s still without a doubt one of my favorite costumes I’ve worn!

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