Coolest Comic Girl Costume

This was by far my favorite Halloween costume. Ever. I think everyone I encountered loved it as much, some even more than me! I was inspired to make the Comic Girl Dress from the MAC makeup POW! Halloween look, which I used as my makeup for the night.

To make the dress, I started off by building a duct tape corset by wrapping the tape, sticky side out, around my waist and chest. Once the corset was complete I slit it down the side and removed it. I fit the comic pages over the duct tape and then secured them with packing tape.

Next I got some cheap fabric and made a simple circle skirt. I spread the skirt out, placed the pages how I wanted them and then used spray adhesive to secure them to the fabric. Once all the pages were secured to the skirt I trimmed off the excess paper from the bottom and waist of the skirt. I then covered the entire skirt in packing tape.

Next I cut the paper into strips and made a belt with the strips and packing tape. I secured the belt to the skirt.

When the time came to get dressed I put on the corset. Closed it with packing tape. Then put on the skirt and attached it to the corset by wrapping packing tape around it.

To finish the look I created the KABOOM! headband with floral wire, and old headband, craft foam paper and letters.

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  1. This is fantastic! I was planning something similar using comic fabric but now I want to use real comic paper. I don’t see the strips of packing tape in the pics? How did you disguise? I was considering mod podge..


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