Easy Mona Lisa Costume Idea

This Mona Lisa costume idea just came to me. I was determined to do something I hadn’t seen before. This costume got a lot of attention as I walked around at a downtown street party. Fun watching all of the expressions of recognition as people passed by! It also got the attention of a certain gentleman – who PUT AN AD IN THE SUNDAY PAPER to try to find me several days later!!!

Creating Mona Lisa:

I didn’t need to go out and get anything that I didn’t already have at the house:

A large picture frame, heavy ribbon for attaching frame to my body, black drapey fabric, background of Mona Lisa painting (printed in sections from the Internet) and poster paper.

I attached the ribbon in large loops to the back of the frame using a heavy-duty staple gun – one on each side for my arms. I also attached a section of ribbon on the bottom of each side to tie to my belt loops for extra support so all of the weight wouldn’t be on my shoulders. For the background, I pasted the sections onto a blank sheet of poster paper and stapled this to the top (back) of the frame leaving it slightly bowed and open in the middle so there would be room for me between the frame and background. A black swath of fabric became my robe and did a nice job hiding the straps on my shoulders. The back was covered with a black fabric as well for a finishing touch.

I got to wear jeans and heels because the costume was all above the waist. I danced all night and enjoyed all the attention my costume attracted!!!

Easy Mona Lisa Costume Idea

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