Coolest Mona Lisa and Leonardo Costume

As I was trying to come up with costume ideas, I thought about how everyone wants to see the Mona Lisa in far away France. Why not give everyone here an opportunity?!

My friend works at a museum and so she got me a box that they use to ship large paintings. I cut the box down the middle, leaving the top uncut, so it fit like a sandwich board. It was a pretty tall, skinny box. It went all the way down my legs.

I then made two duct tape straps to sit on my shoulders and then measured and cut out a hole for my head. I printed off a small image of the Mona Lisa and then sketched it on the cardboard.

Using acrylic paints I painted the box. I cut out white copy paper to make the border & then used construction paper to make “no flash photography signs”. M

y husband got in on the action too. He used an old chef coat he had and put a badge that said “Leonardo da Vinci”. He then wore a fake beard and used one of my painting pallets and paint brushes to carry around & used a beret as a painter’s hat.

We had so much fun walking around all night. Lots of people stopped and took pictures with us. The hardest part was that my ears were behind the box, so I couldn’t really hear what everyone was saying, so I just gave them a shy smile :)

Total cost: $5 (for the paints)

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