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Artist and Painting Couples Costume

My best friend and I attend a costume party every year, and this past year was a real hit! The part is sponsered by a Vintage Car Club, so most of the attendies are old car junkies who love a good vehicle reference. To appeal to their love of cars, my friend and I dressed as an artist and a painting of an old car.

Everyone who was there absolutely adored it, and it was so fun to make! We ended up winning our age division for the costume contest, so we got a little gift card, which was fun too.

We made the painting out of an old canvas we found at the thrift store, and ordered a large print of an old car we found online. Then we gorilla glued straps to it, and violla! Finish painting!

For the artist costume, we found an old smock at the thrift store and splatter painted it ourselves. The brushes and palette we already had at home, and the barrete was my friend’s moms.

The costume was a bit of work, and it took us a few days to figure out, but the cool thing about it is is that you can substitute the painting to be a picture of anything, so its a really cute idea for themed costume parties.

Artist and Painting Couples Costume

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