Coolest Homemade Mona Lisa Halloween Costume Idea *EVER*. My inspiration this year was Leonardo Di Vinci’s Mona Lisa. After weeks of debating what I would commit as my costume of choice, I decided to attempt the Mona Lisa in a frame. I wanted to be in full costume so I started searching for the perfect pieces.

The Frame: The frame is a large box that I cut a side off and folded the flaps in creating a 2 1’2 inch frame with an open bottom when turned sideways. The bottom frame is a separate piece of cardboard that was made as a removable piece so I could get in and out easily. I spray painted the whole box black. I then glued an old pillowcase to the backdrop and painted on an abstract scenery of greens and browns. I cut four holes in the back of the box and threaded through a silk scarf I had in my closet. The silk tie was used so I could put the box on like a backpack making my arms free to move around. Lastly, I trimmed the frame with left-over gold wrapping paper. Total spent = $6.50 spraypaint & $5 Crayola water paint

Mona Lisa’s Outfit: I found a vintage velvet dress from Goodwill and knew it was perfect. I also found an old silky long sleeved shirt from Goodwill and cut the sleeves to fit into the dress. My sister had a puffy skirt in her closet and I grabbed a long skirt from my mom to make the velvet dress seem longer. When I put all these pieces together along with thick black tights and my Aunty’s old shoes –it made the PERFECT Mona Lisa outfit! Total spent = Dress & Shirt $9, tights $1

Mona Lisa’s Makeup: After watching a few tutorials on I decided that the makeup would be the easiest part of the costume. Which turned out to be a little harder than expected. The original Mona Lisa has a pale, shadowy face with barely any eyebrows. Well I have thick black eyebrows and couldn’t figure out how to cover them. So besides the eyebrows everything else came out alright. Total spent = $2.50

All together my costume cost me $24 dollars and about 2 days of work. I enjoyed Halloween and even won a costume contest! Had a great time walking around Walmart that night and enjoyed the comments from others. Next Halloween… who knows how much farther my creativity will go!