Cool Banksy Costume – Girl With The Balloon

Banksy, Girl With The Balloon

Not only am a giant Halloween junky, I am a big all things artist fan. Including famous graffiti artist Banksy. So right away, art was my theme. I studied all of his murals to get his technique down. I painted it on to a black dress, gloves, my face, and my wig. I wired the … Read more

Famous Painting Costume – Lady In Gold by Gustov Klimt

The Lady In Gold-Gustov Klimt

My goal this year was to create a famous painting costume. I started thinking about my favorite pieces and Gustov Klimt immediately came to mind. Once I got the idea, I started with the dress. Being able to find the right gold was going to be important.  Once I found the fabric I was able … Read more

Starry Night Painting Costume

Starry Night Painting Costume

I made this costume by buying a dark blue dress from Goodwill and painting a lot! I bought a mask at Michael’s and went through a tough time cutting it apart to make it fit my itty bitty head. I then painted it using acrylic paint in the likeness of Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, “Starry … Read more

Homemade Van Gogh and Starry Night Creative Couple Costume

Van Gogh and Starry Night Creative Couple Costume

Bradley is dressed as Van Gogh from one of his famous painted self portraits. (We added his bandaged ear to make the reference extra noticeable.) Grace is dressed as Starry Night, one of Van Gogh’s most esteemed paintings. We knew we wanted to do a creative couple costume, and didn’t want to do something that … Read more

The Most Original Costume – Banksy’s Flower Thrower

The Most Original Costume - Banksy's Flower Thrower

The original idea for this costume came from my desire to continue my annual tradition of paying tribute to different artists and their work through homemade Halloween costumes. Last year, I was the “Son of Man” by Rene Magritte, and this year, after some research and last minute procrastination, I decided on Banksy’s Flower Thrower … Read more

Coolest Homemade Artistic Zentangle Obsessed Costume

Coolest Homemade Artistic Zentangle Obsessed Costume

I have always loved art but had not considered myself an artist. Until I became a Face Painter. I fell into the profession by accident. I started as a volunteer and discovered to my delight, I was actually good at it! I may not be able to draw a tiger, but I can make you … Read more

Son of Man by Rene Magritte Costume

This costume is of the famous Son of Man painting by painter Rene Magritte.
Things you\'ll need:
1. Red tie2. Black suit3. White dress shirt4. pl

This costume is of the famous Son of Man painting by painter Rene Magritte. Things you’ll need: 1. Red tie 2. Black suit 3. White dress shirt 4. plastic/fake apple (I got one at the Dollar Tree) 5. bowler/derby hat (I got one at Party City for $10) Tie the apple to a string and … Read more