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Cool Banksy Costume – Girl With The Balloon

Not only am a giant Halloween junky, I am a big all things artist fan. Including famous graffiti artist Banksy.

So right away, art was my theme. I studied all of his murals to get his technique down. I painted it on to a black dress, gloves, my face, and my wig.

I wired the dress to make it look like I was being blown, with all types of wires and sewed and glued it. I glue spiked the wig for blowing hair and then painted it. My make up took an hour an half to duplicate his paintings. It was tedious to say the least.

Next was all about scoring at the right background like Banksy does, to make it come alive. And living in LA, we have many urban, gritty graffiti walls. We found, it has to be the right color to make me pop like his art work. And I think we found a great one.

I was at a big outside halloween event and everyone went nuts for the costume. Happy to see such a cultured crowd everywhere I went! I love a goo illusion costume and then throw in art, an I am a happy Halloweener.

Banksy, Girl With The Balloon

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