Energizer Bunny Costume

I found this cute costume Idea a while back on here and thought it was super cute and something I could do myself. It was a little more work then I had anticipated but it turned out great.

I had my tights from a previous costume and also the cheer shorts. My plan was to wear a tank top that I already owned but it was so cold I ventured out and spent $5 on a long sleeve hot pink shirt from Forever 21. (and boy was i glad cause it was freezing that night.

Everyone LOVED this costume and I didnt see anyone else in this costume the whole night (which is an accomplishment to me)

I got a Large sized Hat box from Joanns and spray painted it white. then printed out the logos and glued them on. i used duct tape for the outline and the strap. A red marker for the outside of the drum. I got a mini red boa for my drum sticks to add a little more character. A also wore the bowtie that came with my ears and tail.

I don’t want to take credit for the costume I just made some changes, I based it off of This costume from Emily in San Diego, CA .