Elsa’s Snow Storm Costume

Every other little girl wanted to be Elsa last Halloween but my daughter was Elsa’s snow storm.

1.  I took a beach hat and cut off the brim.  I hot glued lots of light grey, dark grey and white tulle to it and glued then glued different sized snowflakes al over it.  I used some fishing line to have dangling snowflakes.

2.  Took one of those open weave headbands and made a long “tutu” dress in the same shades of grey and white as the hat.  Used hot glue to attach snowglakes and fishing line for dangling flakes again.

3.  Dressed her all in black underneath and added white snowflakes to her boots, pants and shirt.

4.  Used snowflake temporary tattoos on her face and hands.

She won  every contest!

Elsa's Snow Storm Costume

Elsa's Snow Storm Costume

Elsa's Snow Storm Costume

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