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Edward Scissorhands Costume and Makeup Tutorial

I have always loved Edward Scissorhands – both the costume and the movie. Four years ago I started experimenting with makeup and special fx in my house…using supplies like toilet paper and cut up latex gloves to construct different facial structures and textures for my characters.

I always wanted to create Edward, and last Halloween, I did! I went out with my girlfriend (who I dressed up and did makeup as Beetlejuice!) and we got a great reaction from everyone! I made my costume from an old fake leather raincoat and a spandex black suit I got from a second hand store, and cut up a plastic lid into the shape of knives and painted them silver and attached them to long black gloves with electrical tape for my hands. The process took me approximately an hour for costume creation. The makeup takes about half an hour – and because I was on a super budget, I used materials like toilet paper and a glue stick to do it! I received so many questions about how to do the makeup when we were out for Halloween that I decided to make a YouTube video a few days ago.

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