Easy Wolverine Costume

The trick for this easy Wolverine costume is in the details without getting too literal.

Grow your hair out to around an inch and a half( this one obviously takes advance planning) and brush the sides up with moose leaving a price to hang in the front. Make sure it’s a mat Finish product so your hair doesn’t look wet. Next either grow or buy chop. If growing don’t be clear with trimming, the goal is a scruffy rugged look, not that of someone who maintains their facial hair daily.

if you want to get really detailed Hugh Jackman has a divet in his chin. With brown eye shadow shade a little circle in the center of your chin as well as shading some fierce eyebrow wrinkles.

Regular cut wranglers or Levi’s for jeans something darker wash but faded so they look like they have been worked in. A brown leather biker jacket, white wife beater, dog tags, brown boots, and a leather belt with a fairly large buckle. Top it off with some claws, aggressive body language and a cigar… you have wolverine.

Easy Wolverine Costume

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