I started making the boots by using an old pair of ballet flats with knee socks over top and covering them with blue duct tape. I used many layers so that they would keep their shape when I cut down the back of the boot to add grommets (about an inch apart) and ribbon so I could wear them more than once. I used cardboard from a cereal box to make the points in the boot, make sure to work it and bend it so it can form to the curve of your leg. The boots do take some time and try to use large socks so they’re not stretching around your leg too much and they will keep their shape better.

I already owned a blue pair of high wasted shorts, but had to buy yellow nylons, I layered two pair because I couldn’t find the right shade of yellow. I also couldn’t find any yellow cotton tights anywhere. Make sure the grommets on your boots aren’t sharp or they will cut whatever is under them.

It was hard to find the right shade of yellow shirt as well but target had one and Wal-Mart does too. I bought my tee a little large because I added lacing up the back with grommets and black ribbon. I cut down the entire back of the shirt in the middle then folded the fabric over about an inch and sewed the seams, I added grommets about an inch apart on both sides. Knot the bow at the end because I kept having mine untie.

I also used duct tape in red for the belt and sized it so I could just slip it on and off. Use black duct tape to make the black ‘x’ insignia because permanent marker rubs off and paint chips off. I used cardboard for the base of it and then taped it to the red belt with red duct tape because super glue and hot glue don’t stick.

I sewed black felt onto the shirt to make the stripes and bought a sheet of blue foam to make wrist cuffs and shoulder pads. I used double sided tape to affix the shoulder armor and the cuffs. I bought the mask and claws at different stores around Halloween.

Rockabilly styles were my inspiration for my makeup and the curls on my head to simulate Wolverine’s crazy pointed hairdo. I won second place in a costume contest voted by the crowd’s applause, I would have won had my friends been inside haha, I was most people’s favorite this season dubbed ‘Wolverina’.Hard not to feel awesome in this kick butt costume!