My nephew was born in August and my sister decided to name him Logan after the Wolverine character, so when Halloween came around only a few months later…lil baby Logan JUST HAD to be Wolverine! The only costumes available were children sizes and up. Instead of getting bummed out, I went on an epic journey to learn how to make one myself. I have never sewn so much as a hem in my life, nor would I have ever considered myself skillful enough to pull off the amazing result, however, I am one of the most ambitious people alive…and I let my conviction take the lead.

I started by downloading 100’s of wolverine photos for reference, then I visited several costume stores to get an idea of how the big boy costumes were made. Then, off I went to the crafts store to roam each and every isle hoping inspiration would reach out and grab me! Boy did it GRAB ME…..not only was I determined to make this for my newborn nephew, I wanted it to be the BEST version of wolverine ever made! I bought a small sewing machine, some batting and fabric, and some foam paper….I could feel the magic of Halloween taking over!

I worked on this costume every night for about 2 weeks, with tons of errors, and wasted supplies. Just learning how to thread the sewing machine was a nightmare, but I couldn’t give up. The wolverine claws were the most challenging to create safely enough for a newborn, but I rolled up silver foam paper into tubes, and attached them to a foam armband with some elastic string and I was amazed with myself. My Husband couldn’t believe my skills and he offered to buy me a super sewing machine with embroidery! HA I passed on the fancy machine because I honestly felt I wouldn’t ever stress myself out like this again…boy was I wrong. I loved the result so much I wanted to make more! Sewing muscles into the baby costume was the most exciting thing. Watching it come to life before my eyes, as I sewed batting in between two layers of fabric FREEHAND…I was so proud of myself. I wish I had a step-by-step I could offer but this was all about trial & error…tons of errors!

People cannot believe this was homemade, and I have had so many “job” offers it’s ridiculous, although it seems I am craftier than originally thought, I will save my skills for my loved ones and keep my day job!