Cool Homemade Wolverine Costume

This homemade Wolverine costume was probably the simplest, least expensive costumes I have ever done. The best thing about it is that I already had 95% of the things I needed to complete the costume. Here is a list of the accessories I used to complete the costume:

1 – Wig
2 – Dog Tags
3 – Cigar
4 – Claws
5 – Belt Buckle

I grew a beard for about a month before Halloween, then just shaved the necessary areas the day of the party. I recycled the wig from a Bill and Ted costume I made for an 80’s party. It’s amazing what you can do with scissors and hair spray. The Dog Tags were my mother’s.

I tried to make the claws at first, but it was proving difficult so I looked online. There are a lot of expensive replicas out there, so be smart. I found the ones I used at a knife store in Georgia for only $25. That was for the pair, not a piece. The only downside is that they are pretty dang real, so you probably couldn’t wear them at a public location. Other than those I just bought a couple cheap cigars.

Everything else I already had. Quick easy $30 costume.

Homemade Wolverine Costume

Homemade Wolverine Costume

Homemade Wolverine Costume

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