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Coolest Homemade Retired Wolverine Costume

Well I love Wolverine (who doesn’t), I don’t really have the body to be him so I thought to my self if he was old and retired I could play him. Well this homemade retired Wolverine costume is what I came up with.

I grew my hair and beard out so I wouldn’t have to wear a wig. I made my own claws and think they really turned out great. I even went to my local army surplus store to get Wolverine dog tags. I got the walker at my local goodwill for only four dollars. Found a fake prop cigar. Used stage make-up to gray my hair and make my face look older.

I hope you all enjoy. Also to all you comic fans out there that will argue that Wolverine doesn’t age, well I did do my research and found an Old Wolverine comic, so it works. So to all you people scared to be your favorite Super Hero because of your body just make them old and it will work.

Homemade Retired Wolverine Costume

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