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Adorably Easy Homemade Pippi Longstocking Costume

I wanted to do this costume for a long time!! It ended up being a pretty easy homemade Pippi Longstocking costume.

Putting Together Pippi

I had the boots, Target knee socks -two different colors, of course. Then I picked up a women’s green henley and yellow t-shirt at Goodwill. I also grabbed a plaid button down shirt along with it.

First, I cut the yellow shirt into an apron. Then I cut the plaid shirt for the pockets and glued them on the yellow apron. Next, I put the green and yellow shirts over a slip that she had. In addition, I bought a Mr. Nillson the monkey at the dollar store.

In order to create Pippi’s hair, I used a wire hanger to bend to her head. Then I braided around the wire ends. I finished up with an orange hair spray and perfectly placed drawn on freckles.

Easy Homemade Pippi Longstocking Costume Outcome Result

SO CUTE and the more imperfect the better because Pippi was an adorable wreck! HA!

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