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Coolest Pippi Longstocking Halloween Costume

I always enjoyed the movie Pippi Longstocking when I was younger and my daughter Megan, age 3 at the time, loved it too, so we decided to make her a Pippi Longstocking Halloween costume.

I started by buying a couple of patterns that would best fit into the shapes that I needed for the clothing. I made a bright pink dress with long sleeves. Then I adjusted a pattern to create a blue “apron” that would fit over the front of the dress. The “apron” criss-crosses and ties in the back. I added details by ironing on some misc. fabric swatches to the front of the “apron”. She then wore black tights with mismatched colorful socks and black boots.

In order to get the socks long enough I purchased adult women’s socks (the kind with the individual toes in them) and cut of the feet and added elastic in the bottoms. I could of used leg warmers, but hard to find and not colorful enough. Although I was able to find Pippi braids on a headband, I was unable to find a complete wig. So, I gathered some material using elastic to fit over her head and then sewed and hot glued where needed orange yarn to match the braids that I had purchased.

We completed the costume by adding Pippi’s monkey, Mr. Nelson and giving her lots of blush and freckles. I think that this costume turned out so cute. Much better than any store bought would have been.

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