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Coolest Homemade Pippi Longstockings Costume

It is the character Pippi longstockings from the movie, who is an adventurous little girl with a wacky appearance. She has red hair in two braids that curl in an unusual way to give her the famous look she is known for. Being an orphan of such, she dressed herself with mismatch clothing that often suited her adventures she said she was going on.

We acquired this unique look of the Homemade Pippi Longstockings Costume by selecting randomly matched clothing with the famous Pippi stockings that she often wore. We achieved the BRIGHT red hair by selecting hair paint that we sprayed over the braids. And, to have the silly braids we loosened a coat hanger and threaded it through her hair to the one and only Pippi style!

For Pippi’s famous freckles we used an eyeliner pencil to put six on each cheek of her face. With all our efforts, we were successful in bringing to life the one and only….. PIPPI LONGSTOCKING!

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