Coolest Pipi Longstockings Costume

I decided to be Pipi Longstocking this year because my hair is so long and I thought it would be fun to revisit a favorite childhood character. I had my roommates help me, which didn’t take too much work to our surprise. I Googled ideas on how to do the hair first and then looked at an image from the book to figure out the clothing.

I parted my hair in really high pigtails and secured them in place tightly. Then we unwrapped a metal wire coat hanger and fed it through both sides of my pigtails. We decided it would be best to leave the hair binders in so it would stay in place better.

Next my roommate braided my hair around the wire as best as she could and secured the braid with another hair binder. Luckily my hair was long enough to cover the whole hanger!! After both sides we spray died my hair red and orange. I took brown eyeliner and put freckles on my cheeks. I went to Savers and found the jean dress in which we hot glued patches on and then made a flower to glue at the collar.

I took 2 long mismatched stockings and wore those in my clunky brown sketchers tied loosely. I attached a monkey to my shoulder with velcro and voila! Pipi Longstocking was recreated!

Coolest Pipi Longstockings Costume

Coolest Pipi Longstockings Costume - Braiding

Coolest Pipi Longstockings Costume - Wire Attachment

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