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Coolest Adult Pippi Longstocking Costume

I started this adult Pippi Longstocking costume by buying the blue dress at a local thrift store. I then bought a colourful striped top to go underneath (ideally I would have liked a red top but I couldn’t find one with the right fit for the costume I was trying to create). I cut the sleeves down so that they were quarter length and changed the neckline to make it V-neck.

I went out the my local fabric store and bought some scrap pieces of fabric to create patches. I frayed the edges of the patches and used colourful embroidery thread to stitch the corners onto the dress.

For socks I searched everywhere and could not find knee high socks in the colours or designs that I was looking for. Instead what I did was buy some yellow Rit fabric dye and some fabric spray paint from Michaels along with plain white knee high socks. Dyed on sock yellow (follow instructions for time, I was in a rush and the colour I wanted did not turn out as vibrant as I would of liked). I then took masking tape and taped strips around the socks and used the fabric spray paint to create red and white striped socks. I wore close toed black leather flat shoes which had a strap over the center of my foot.

For my hair I used a folded piece of floral wire which I bobby-pinned into my hair and braided around to make them stick out. If you have layers in your hair I recommend using lots of hairspray or making time to re-do the braids later in the day. I tied them with elastics and then used scrap pieces of the patch fabric to tie bows around them. I drew some freckles on to my face with brown eyeliner.

Definitely one of the most fun costumes I have ever made.

Coolest Adult Pippi Longstocking Costume

Coolest Adult Pippi Longstocking Costume

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