This drunk Things and Sexy Cat in the Hat group costume was a nine month process that was completed in stages!!  It started out as a birthday gift, home made for me by my great friend, Julie!!  She handmade my skirt with red and white tooling and got the red and white striped socks from an after Christmas sale where they were marked down.

She found the shirts on vacation in Myrtle Beach and the idea just rolled from there!  Originally, her thought was to have her and me in just two costumes and at a place called Deer Creek Camping Resort where we have the best group of friends!  She then thought it would be even more fun if we used the costumes for a Halloween party and included two more of our good friends! She made another trip to Myrtle Beach with her family and found the other two shirts to match ours.

We then looked up online pictures of Dr. Suess’s Thing One and Thing Two and discovered that the Things have BLUE hair. Our great friend Sissy found the wigs while she was shopping and decided to buy all four of them so we would all match.  Another friend, Sue, made two more skirts out of the red and white tooling as gifts for the other two girls.

After we talked about our costumes a couple weeks before the party, we said we need a Cat in the Hat!!  Our good friend Joyce said, “I can be the Cat in the Hat!”  She then searched for a Cat in the Hat costume and finally found a SEXY Cat in the Hat online and added her own touches with make-up and accessories!!  We had an absolute BLAST at the party and received tons of compliments from all of our families and friends!