After ending a controlling relationship this was the first Halloween where I could go out with friends, dress in a hot costume and have some fun. I knew I wanted to be a character from batman because I love batman. Poison Ivy embodied everything that I wanted to be. She’s confident, determined, and hot. I started off with a basic black corset and bought leaves from the dollar store. I sewed on each leaf individually and then added glitter to the front of the corset and sewed some leaves onto the front. I had black lace shorts so I sewed leaves onto those as well. I had a red wig from a previous costume and glued any leftover leaves onto my eyebrows using spirit gum. I also made a leaf barrette by gluing a leaf onto a bobby pin. It took about two weeks to finish the costume because hand sewing the leaves was time consuming. I had such a fun night as a villain! I had strangers taking pictures with me and got so many compliments on my costume. They say blondes have more fun…I beg to differ. ;)