Since this is the big anniversary year of Back to the Future, my boyfriend and I decided to go with that amazing theme. It would’ve been easy, and unoriginal, to just dress up as Doc Brown and Marty so we took it to the next level with building a wearable Delorean!

The Delorean is 100% homemade from the frame to the roof. We used posterboard, wood, rope lights, push lights, wire, hot glue, duct tape, and a few other miscellanous items to build this functional time machine. Yes, it takes you to the future. Ok, not really but it’s still awesome! We started building the frame and then kept adding on to the frame for each section of the vehicle. I referenced photos from the movie throughout the project to help make sure I was on the right path. All sections were free form drawn and cut from the posterboard, then glued to the frame. I used duct tape to reinforce the glue. If you’re planning on building this, just buy stock in glue and duct tape – believe me, you’ll use a ton.

The overall build took about two and half weeks of time and patience. Did I mention patience? Yes, you’ll need that! The costume was connected to a utlity belt that I wore around my waist helping with the illusion it was flying and I didn’t have to hold the costume up at all (thank goodness!). The most complicated part, in my opinion, was making sure the costume was wearable and balanced.

In the beginning, it was very back heavy – so if you attempt this and a similiar problem arises, don’t let it squander your hopes for greatness! Just keep adjusting the ropes or adding weight (if needed) and you’ll eventually hit that sweet spot. Thankfully after our adjustments, we were able to not only balance the car but also keep it comfortable to wear via the belt.

We went to a local costume party where the reactions were phenomenal! So many people loved the costume and asked for photos – upwards to 150 photo ops in just a few hours! All the feedback was so positive and it really justified all the hard work, time, and money put into the costume. My boyfriend and I thoroughly enjoyed making it but had an even better time wearing it.