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Homemade Dia De Los Muertos Halloween Costume

I love anything to do with Dia De Los Muertos which is Day of the Dead-a Mexican celebration, so I decided to try and create my own version! I bought my beautiful red and black velvet gown from a garage sale for a whopping $3!  My top hat, I bought at our local dollar store for $2, I bought the roses and plastic skull for my hat at our second hand store along with my skeleton gloves for $1.50. I already owned my wig and make-up. I also wore skeleton nylons and shoes that I embellished with skulls! (you can’t see in this pic).

For my ‘bones’ I cut up  a few styrofoam meat trays, you know the ones that pork chops or steak come on….lol. I drew little cracks on them with a marker  and glued them on with spirit gum!  I was quite pleased at how my costume came together! I even won  ‘favorite costume’ at a Halloween ball I attended! The best part was, nobody knew it was ‘me’ and it was one of the cheapest costumes I have ever made!


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