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Despicable Me Group Costume for the Entire Family

My wife and I made our costumes for our entire family, us plus our 7 children. We try to put together a family costume theme every year. We voted as a family, and Despicable Me won. We started by building the bases of the more difficult costumes. Our minions are made from cardboard tubes and the Gru mask is paper mache. We padded the top of the  minions and covered with fabric, attached the eyes (painted PVC fittings) and added the details. The rest of the costumes were sewn at home. My wife handles the design and cut out, and I do the sewing.

We have carried this tradition for the last 9 years or so, and look forward to getting into the spirit every year. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but the memories we make as a family are totally worth it. We had a lot of positive feedback while out in public. Many people stopped us for pictures or to have their picture taken with us. We were even mobbed by a pack of kids at a local trunk or treat. Overall, we just enjoy making people smile and giving our children these lasting memories.

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