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Day of the Dead Bride Makeup and Costume

So I just got engaged and I wanted to incorporate my soon to be bride veil – with something extra spooky. I created this look using dollar store eye pencils eye shadow – fake flowers and a little imagination. I call it Day of the dead bride or Dia de la Novia Muerta. Remember ladies its all about blending. Total price was less than 20 dollars.

My favorite part about doing this costume was being original and not just your average store bought Halloween costume. So many years i wasted trying to impress the guys with a skimpy little costume this year i wanted to really wow people by showing my artistic talent with my wild imagination. It really is a lot easier than it looks – Just requires a lot of shading and blending. Then i came up with the idea of adding a veil and few fake flowers. The biggest tip i can give is do the outline of your teeth first then work around that. Once the teeth and mouth are exactly how you want them you can do ahead and get really creative with the rest of your face.

This pic isn’t even the final product just a practice run before Halloween. To really liven it up you could add stick on jewels which are also easy to come by at your local dollar store. You put them around the eyes with glitter if you want to make it a little prettier – I opted for scary – To keep in the Halloween spirit. So ladies and gentlemen if your really looking to stand out this Halloween and be original go for the Dead bride or groom. Draw your teeth with a black eyeliner color in with white eyeliner shade over black with white eyeshadow and the rest is easy peasy pumpkin squeasy. Hope everyone has a scary spooky Halloween :)

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