My 3yr old loves popcorn n she\’s still at the age where Mama can persuade her too! :)  I\’ve always wanted to make a popcorn costume, so I finally did.

I made the base out of poster foam board. For a cleaner look, I cut all 4 sides out of regular poster board again n glued them on. I used red duct tape for the stripes and logo. Just cover a poster board with the tape n then trace and cut out the logo and stripes. Glue them on!

The popcorn was fun to make! Buy the Great Stuff at home depot. It\’s spray foam in a red can with a yellow cap. I got all of drinking glasses out of my cupboard, including mugs. Wrap them all in Saran Wrap And lay them on the table. I would lay down newspaper or something to protect your table. Spray out an X or Y shape onto the cup. Not too little, but not too much because it does expand. You\’ll learn as you go. I would tell them dry 30-60min and pop them off. Then you spray a ball shape into the middle and let set another hour. I got some butter yellow craft paint and rubbed it all over the foam popcorn with paper toweling.

Hot glue popcorn all over the top of the box. Add some popping out using wire and make a little headband and whalaaa!!!

Charlie loved her costume!! She jumped around the house in it a few days beforehand. Unfortunately, by the time Halloween came she was sick with the fever and horrible cough going around, so she was a very sad n crabby box of popcorn.  :(  We gave her Tylenol n a nap cause she was adamant about going trick or treating.

Everyone died over her costume!!! Every house said it was thee best costume they\’d seen. She was a big hit at my son\’s school Halloween parade too!